Installation "Phylogenetic Utopias – Bioism Engineering of the Ethical Bliss"
TEFAF, New York, USA

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

TEFAF’s Meet the Experts programs celebrate the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors, spotlighting exceptional objects and the stories they tell. Explore Aljoscha’s super-organisms that are an ongoing testament to the mutations and their beauty.
The work of Ukrainian artist Aljoscha is recognizable by large scale conceptual installations that explore the creation of novel super-organisms, envisioning a future where the abolition of suffering leads to blissful deviations through bioengineering. Aljoscha’s Bioism is an idea of the necessity to compose, to create new non-suffering life worlds from scratch, not to describe something already existing in nature. Bioism aspires to disseminate new, limitless life forms throughout the universe.
The installation “Phylogenetic Utopias – Bioism Engineering of the Ethical Bliss” offers transcendental immersion in the artist’s translucent and delicately colored synthetic organic forms, inviting to reflect on phylogenetic origins of human eudaimonia and upcoming paradise engineering alongside with bioethics, a field of research that studies the complex moral, social, and legal problems raised by developments in current life sciences.

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