"Eradication of Suffering"
Schlosskirche of the University, Bonn, Germany

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

Aljoscha, bioism, biofuturism

The suspended bioism installation at the Schlosskirche Bonn breathes life into the current bioethics. Rooted in the ideals of paradise engineering, it serves as a captivating amalgamation of biodiversity and biofuturism. The aesthetics of this installation are carefully composed, adorned with hues of neon-yellow and an ethereal translucency. Through its visual expression, it embodies the essence of kindness, peace, empathy, wellbeing and understanding. It encourages us to challenge our presuppositions and redefine our relationship with suffering. In this yet unknown, glowing neon-yellow beauty, we find the convergence of philosophy and biology, assembling together a narrative that inspires transformation of our scientifical and social perceptions.
The concept of bioethical abolitionism forms the epitome of its message. It invites us to question the very fabric of our biological existence and how it can be reshaped to surpass the inherent limitations of suffering. This work enlightens a future where the fusion of technology and ethics generates new life worlds, probably free from the bondage of suffering. This installation of bioisms, creates a new reality where compassion is the driving force behind our actions and peace becomes the guiding principle of our existence.
The floating creature at the university church of Bonn serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when we approach our fears with fortitude, new composition efforts and a deep commitment to reshape the future of humanity.

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